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Boost Organic Traffic with Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing For Organic Traffic

Organic traffic has been dwindling and there is no guarantee that a brand’s social media posts will receive the desired attention. Smaller and lesser-known brands have an even harder time being featured and noticed on their users’ social media news feed.

Then there is the trust factor that is proving more challenging for brands, as online users increasingly give preference to recommendations from people they know over advertisements from brands. But there’s a way out.

Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels. – Social Media Today

Advocacy marketing enables employees, customers, clients, partners and loyal fans to collectively enhance the trust factor of the brand they represent. The reason being, employee brand advocates leverage their own social media connections to amplify brand messages in a safe and trusted manner.

They share company news, updates about the latest products & services, and promotional content with their friends and family, which in turn gets received more positively.

Advocacy marketing has another big advantage that helps improve organic search traffic; it helps brands tap into a rather close-knit network of potential fans, leads and customers, who would otherwise, make a difficult audience to access.

Referral & Website Traffic

When a brand begins to receive positive word-of-mouth through consistent employee advocacy efforts, it encourages individuals to search for the brand on search engines and click on links suggested to them by friends and family.

This results in increased referral traffic and conversions from potential leads who get directed to a brand’s website via employee-driven brand advocacy efforts.

A great way to map & track the journey of a new lead is through Google Analytics, wherein UTM codes can be embedded into social media posts or blogs being shared by employees on their personal social media pages.

Making New Connections

A brand’s organic traffic also amplifies when it is able to tap into a bigger segment of prospects; who don’t follow the brand’s social media page but are connected and following employees across various online networks.

So, even though the prospects haven’t been directly addressed by the brand through some form of advertisement; they are indirectly made aware of the brand and its products & services.

Advocacy marketing can help improve a brand’s online visibility and search engine ranking through other inbound activities as well, such as user-generated content, where employees write blogs about the brand and focus on the subject-matter expertise they bring to the organization.

They can write case studies, reports and articles about industry trends and thus, build a community of loyal followers online.

Employees who proactively contribute self-authored content are more likely to rise as thought leaders within their organization and among their peers & professional connections. Thereby, building their personal brand and that of the brand they represent.

Create Share-Worthy Content

A sure-shot way to boost organic traffic to ensure that employee brand advocates stay proactive is by giving them great content to share. After all, it’s the employees who have agreed to use their own personal social media pages to share brand content so they would like to share posts that they find useful, exciting, informational and relevant.

Undoubtedly, employees must first be able to relate to the content for it to resonate with their followers.

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