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Advocacy Marketing as a Channel for Digital Marketing

Employee Advocacy Benefits

The digitally enriched business landscape is a perfect launch pad to collaborate with your most important organizational assets – an engaged set of employees, delighted customers, and trusted partners. The modern marketer has realized that advocacy marketing is a vital tool that can be utilized effectively to revamp slow-paced traditional marketing campaigns. It can help you explore a whole new world of customers and communicate with them through consistent content marketing.

Employee Advocacy results in 5X increase in web traffic and 25% more leads.

There’s no doubt that advocacy marketing is the future of word-of-mouth marketing. It can lead to the upswing of key business parameters and help you escalate your bottom-line results dramatically.

Implementing a change in your marketing campaign and adopting advocacy marketing as a channel for your digital marketing is a smart move as it will help your organization gain a strong online presence by collaborating with valued stakeholders. So, here are some important tips to help you incorporate employee brand advocacy marketing in a seamless marketing:

Identify Strong Social Leaders:

Your social partners are the biggest driving force in your advocacy journey! The advocacy ecosystem thrives on a committed and enthusiastic workforce that acts as your strongest brand ambassador. Get senior leadership and management involved in your social brand advocacy campaigns to increase employee buy-in.

You need to identify your social partners – they could be customer advocates, micro-influencers, engaged employees or any other organizational stakeholders. Encourage partners to actively create content and give them the autonomy to advocate your brand in creative ways. Give your campaigners the right platforms to send out your brand message in the digital space, generate maximum leads and inspire other stakeholders to up their advocacy game.

 Curate Compelling Brand Content:

Meaningful content is the cornerstone of an effective advocacy campaign! In a digital realm that is constantly barraged with content, it is important to make sure that whatever your brand advocates put up on social media vehicles is accurate, original and inventive.

Research to find out what kind of posts, blogs, and articles attract maximum readership and encourage micro-influencers to target communities with apt brand-related content. People look out to get authentic reviews before buying new products/services, and customer advocacy is the best way to get your band noticed by prospective clients. Remember, content is king, and if you want your brand advocacy to create a digital storm, you need to focus on creating great content.

Focus on Branding Inside Out:

Make sure you realize the social splash that your trusted partners can create in making your brand garner positive attention. Brand advocates have tremendous potential in amplifying your brand visibility through effective social media instruments.

Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees’ vs. the brand channel (Source: MSL Group).

Brand-related content shared by employees or customers is viewed as an authentic and credible source of information- it works much faster and better than traditional advertising. Choose a platform to share original stories, experiences, blog posts and watch as your internal engagement seamlessly transcends virtual boundaries to create positive brand magnification.

Generate High Engagement:

Boost your advocacy campaigns by creating content which has a wide and far-extending social reach. Make sure your content is interesting enough to create conversations, gets maximum likes and is shared by target customer communities. Reward your loyal followers by interacting with them, giving away titles and holding online content which propels participation levels.

Follow honest and open social communication, be responsive and formulate a constructive online brand presence. A zealous army of brand advocates who endorse your brand passionately can make a world of difference in your bottom-line goals. So go ahead, create a social buzz through your content marketing and trigger high levels of engagement amongst your prized prospective customers.

Employees are untapped reservoirs of marketing talent – they need to be harnessed to take your brand to unprecedented heights of glory. Identify, inspire and nurture your social brand advocates as they can help you maximize on generating inbound leads through their personal social networks.

Advocacy marketing creates a win-win situation for both brand advocates and the organization by enabling them to reap benefits of a successful collaboration.

Advocacy marketing is a powerful medium that can help your marketing campaign accrue business success. It helps you market your brand in a fun, customer-centric and authentic manner that gains maximum social attention. The future clearly belongs to your brand advocates – you need to adapt or perish in this marketing race.

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