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6 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Important for Brand Advocates

Personal Branding For Brand Advocates

Ever wondered why some films with mediocre scripts & soundtracks manage to become blockbusters, just because it has a stellar lead? Is the opinion of your peers valued slightly more than yours, even in cases when you both take the same stance? Such seemingly illogical yet realistic occurrences can be attributed to the power of personal branding.

Impression ignites interest

We have been raised with an emphasis on “the first impression”. This habit sparks from the belief that images determine social perception. Personal branding is an upgraded set of impressions streamlined to make an impact. But fortunately, the concept of personal branding doesn’t work like blind dates.  You know what the person represents beforehand. You certainly know the kind of ideas the person stands for, much before you meet him. Backed by the digital panache and personal flair, personal branding arouses the loins of thought in ways that brands singlehandedly might not.

People over paper

There is something appealing about peer-to-peer recommendations. What is it about recommendations that makes it more credible overpaid marketing? The truth is that human beings are social animals and prefer being a part of a close-knit social circle that comprises of family & friends. On a fundamental level, the thoughtful words of a person are far more understandable to us than third-party information. Personal branding enables brand advocates to gain the trust of their connections on social media and amplify it from thereon. It reaches out to people on a humane level, giving brand advocates a name for themselves and benefitting users with consistent thought leadership.

Cure against digital overload

Advertisements are bombarded everywhere, causing users to feel choked with intrusive & repetitive advertisements. Digital overload has indeed reached epidemic proportions, causing the online user to swift off and turn away from brands. Advertising has almost become synonymous with spamming. Social media is becoming increasingly toxic with intensely distracting advertisements. In such an ecosystem, personal branding blows in like a breath of fresh air. It gives people the freedom to choose, and importantly, the relief from the spam-styled marketing mania. Personal branding hymns a melody amidst all the social media noise. In other words, personal branding restores faith in humanity over the internet.

A simpler route to achieve a one eighty

Brands advertise. People empathize. This fundamental difference between brands & people gives people a unique advantage. The power that can change the heart of another. Personal branding sells ideas with a humane touch. Conventional marketing can’t achieve the same easily. Personal branding humanely facilitates many such one eighties without pestering social media users.

Shaping specialty in style

It is important to note that the underlying difference between brands & people manifests divergently. Thought leaders get to shape social perception by projecting their specialty in their distinct personal style. By doing so, people build a niche for themselves. A consistent identity on social media leads to a stronger sense of trust & reliability. Clubbed with your forte, your personal brand is your ticket to prospects & personal as well as brand growth!

Upbeat channel

It would be unfair to dispute the power of digital. More so, when good reviews help promote brands. Combining the best of dopamine, trust & authenticity, and media evangelism, personal branding offers a multi-faceted channel. It gives brands a route to promote their identity through its brand advocates, thereby giving users access to an actual human being with his/her own opinions and preferences. As the world embraces novelty, personal branding captures the nitty-gritty of both – user psychology & social media marketing. In spirited words, personal branding is the martini of user emotions & digital exuberance.

Personal branding is a modern concoction of style & consistent opinions, which can cast spells across social media. Not only does it make you a brand worth carrying on the sleeves, but also builds a fan base which values your opinion. Personal branding creates thought leaders who have the power to sway audiences & shape beliefs. Perhaps your latent opinion is the next big thing?

Give personal branding a shot & see where it takes you.


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