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4 Guidelines to Measure Your Brand Advocacy Success

Brand Advocacy Campaigns

You know it, and we know it – a basic tenet of any marketing campaign is that it needs a way to measure its success. However, each campaign is different and so unfortunately there’s no common, generic formula that can be applied to calculate success for all scenarios. Things can get a little more difficult when it comes to calculating success of your brand advocacy campaigns. However, lucky for you we’ve got together at team SOCXO to debunk the myth that it’s impossible to calculate the success of an advocacy campaign! Read on for some great tips on how you can measure your brand advocacy success.

Remember, it’s crucial to first define your goals for your campaign. This will make it easier for you to identify key factors and indicators that can help you measure your success. Further, don’t just focus on direct number metrics. Rather, focus on the qualitative value of your results than the quantitative, and grade them against your initial goals. Use the following guidelines to give you the best reflection of how your campaign is doing.

  1. Content

Identify what content your followers are talking about, such as products, services, offers or events that you’ve held. Rather than looking at the quantitative value of the number of mentions, focus on why this is the content your audience is talking about, and why it appeals to them. Is it because this particular content had images embedded? Or was it easy to understand? Or about a particular topic? Or was it just that this was the easiest to share? Gaining this quantitative insight will be invaluable to helping you fine tune and improve your advocacy strategies.

  1. Response

Evaluate your audience’s level of response to the various means that you’ve tried to engage them and stimulate dialogue with. Do they respond more when you engage with them through a particular medium compared to other platforms? Based on the level of their responses you’ll also be able to see their current level of commitment in advocating for you. Compare this with the information you had before you started the campaign and see what your improvement has been.

  1. Feel

Again, rather than focusing only on the quantitative number of followers, shares and responses, focus on the quality of their reactions. It’s great that you’ve got a significant increase in the share of current social conversations, but what exactly are they saying about you? Focus on the levels of enthusiasm and positivity, their perceptions and attitudes towards you. What value are their reactions bringing to your brand?

  1. Metrics

Of course, some metrics are required to calculate your ROI for your brand advocacy campaign. So align your evaluations with your larger business goals such as increase in sales, better retention rates and quicker purchasing funnels. Measure your performance against these and see how they have improved while your campaign has been running.

Yes, it’s possible to measure your brand advocacy success to find out how well you’re doing! You’ll likely be pleased to see a much larger ROI as compared to more traditional campaigns. In fact, to squeeze the most out of your campaigns you should get on board with SOCXO. Send us a message and get in touch with us now!


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