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HR For Your Business

For Your Business

  • Reduce attrition through better employee engagement
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity through leaderboard activity points, ranking, gamification and rewards
  • Use employee referrals to recruit suitable applicants through social hiring
  • Reduce recruitment expenses and shorten the hiring process
HR For Your Employees

For Your Employees

  • Refer friends for job openings within the organization
  • Ask for recommendations on personal social media pages to find suitably qualified applicants for such openings
  • Feel integrated and engaged with the workplace culture and goals
  • Experience improved productivity and job satisfaction

HR Stats


  • A disengaged employee costs the organization an average of $10,000 in profit annually. - Aon Hewitt
  • The use of social media for recruitment has grown 54% in the past 5 years. - The Society for Human Resource Management
  • Employees of socially engaged companies are more likely to stay at their company, feel optimistic about their company’s future and believe their company is more competitive. - Altimeter & LinkedIn Relationship Economics 2014

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