We're building an employee advocacy platform to help your team do what they like best – read & share quality content.

About Us

At SOCXO, our aim is to provide a modern ‘Enterprise Social Platform' that engages your employees and associates actively, and helps harness the power of their social reach to boost brand awareness, help recruit employees and generate organic leads.



We are an eclectic team of passionate ‘millennials’ & dedicated ‘gen-x’ business and technology professionals, determined to give you a cool product, a great user experience and valuable application features to support your advocacy marketing program along with employee engagement.

Sudarsan Rao - Co-founder & CEO  

Sudarsan Rao
Co-founder & CEO

Surrounded by a team of exuberant and smart thinkers and doers, Sudarsan’s job is to create success for your business with SOCXO. While his mind is constantly occupied in creating new applications and services, Sudarsan takes his primary job of selling SOCXO equally seriously. He’s an avid talker and what you’d call a not-so-typical ‘Sales Guy’.

After 20+ years of being an entrepreneur, Sudarsan believes managing & leading teams are passe’. Hence, he is driven individually and collectively towards the goal of making SOCXO interesting for customers and users, alike.

Mukund Krishna -  Co-founder & Mentor  

Mukund Krishna
Co-founder & Mentor

SOCXO is Mukund’s brain child.

While he was busy building Suyati Technologies, Mukund realized that a lot of enterprises create brand content to drive marketing and sales through Social Media or Communication Apps. What was missing, however, was a platform for enterprises to leverage their own employees to share brand content.

With this funda in mind, Mukund founded SOCXO, and today he specially focuses on business plans, metrics and customer happiness for the same.

Dhanasekaren - COO  


Dhana is a quintessential professional who is ready to take up any role at SOCXO, be it project management, delivery, testing, hiring, customer engagement or partnerships. After working with leading technology service firms and having led teams across verticals and processes for over 20 years, he is a vital cog to all operations.

Dhana will work with you and your team to ensure that SOCXO works best for your brand. Be it creating an Employee Engagement/Advocacy program, Support or requirements on the product, feel free to reach out to him anytime.


Our Advisors

Revathi Krishna -  Advisor & Director  

Revathi Krishna 
Advisor & Director


A consummate writer and an avid blogger, Revathi helps define SOCXO’s content marketing strategy. She’s been instrumental in defining the story of SOCXO in its early days and has been supporting the business through its infancy.

Currently, Revathi is leading the strategy and communication functions at Suyati Technologies and advises SOCXO on the emerging trends in content creation, dissemination and engagement in enterprises.

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